Email coaching

This works very well for people who are not able to attend one to one session due to time or location. It also works well for people who want the flexibility to email in any 24 hour period when it is convenient to them. Emails can be kept and reread for future reference. Some people do prefer the anonymity of email to face to face or a phone call. Replies to emails will be within 2 working days or sometimes the same day,  but to keep momentum it is important you need to be able to reply to me within 7 days. It works very simple, once the payment has gone through, I email you and we start our coaching sessions. I reply to you with support, and sometimes exercises or questions for you to answer. This way of communicating can be slow but it does work for many people.

Email coaching session cost: £30

This usually consists of 3 emails going back and forth between us.

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