It Takes Just a Little Extra to be EXTRAORDINARY

r2g - p7 - 14 x 11 chess

It Takes Just a Little Extra to be EXTRAORDINARY

In the 1970’s, people made phone calls by spinning a dial on a box mounted to the wall, listened to music on a phonograph or a large tape player, and played chess using carved pieces on a checkered board.

Then a handful or friends in Northern California decided to build some simple circuit boards and put them in small, electrified boxes so that homes and businesses could harness the potential of digitization. And today, we have cell phones, mp3 players and online chess tournaments.

Were these people extraordinary? You bet. Were they gods among men? No. They were socially awkward outliers who dared to think a little different.

In every society people adhere to pre-determined, accepted patterns. They do things the way they have always been done. This adherence allows for comfort, fluidity and ease. “Normal and ordinary” creates healthy cultural cohesion.

And then someone comes along who deviates just a little, thinks out of the box, contributes just a little more…and everything changes.

You do not have to completely reinvent reality in order to make a difference and live an extraordinary life. Simple shifts are often the most effective, as they are often the most easily accepted. A little extra thought, a little extra time, or a little extra help in a critical situation can make all the difference in the world. It doesn’t take much.

Your extra efforts have the potential to make someone’s day.
And your “little idea” could be the next big thing.

What simple little bit can YOU offer today…to make it EXTRAORDINARY?

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