Just take one step

Just Take One Step

We humans love pattern. Our brains thrive on repetition and routine. Making changes or taking a new direction can sometimes seem frightful to the point of paralysis. However, lucky for us, all it takes is one step to lay the foundation for a new pattern. One more step and the pattern is established. Then momentum takes over to carry you forward.

Think about anything great you’ve ever accomplished. Your high school diploma or college degree started on your first day of kindergarten. Your most passionate romantic relationship began with a moment of eye contact. The most successful project you’ve ever completed was born when you committed yourself to it.

We humans have put machines in the sky, harnessed the power of sub-atomic energy to light up the night, and connected the entire planet through fiber optics, radio waves and satellite signals. And we did it all one step at a time.
Now here’s where the rubber hits the road – let every step be your first step. Don’t think about the tasks or struggles before you. Focus only on the path right before your feet. Immensity is overwhelming…crippling, even. However, one simple step is totally manageable.

As the old Chinese proverb states,
“The journey of 1,000 miles
begins with the first step.”

What first step can YOU make today?

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