One to one Coaching

One to one coaching can be achieved through two different avenues. These are: face to face or Zoom (online video). There are various pro’s and con’s to working with somebody face to face but the main difficulty is people find it hard to get to where the coach is based, so therefore Zoom is wonderful for many people to access these services.

The face to face session or Zoom session is 50 minutes. This can be booked as a stand alone one session, but this is usually not sufficient to see changes in achieving your goals. Best results are often achieved between 6-8 sessions, but there is no obligation to do this. Please note face to face consultation will be held in Thame.


Face to Face session cost: £68


Zoom Coaching cost £50- If you do not live locally, then Zoom coaching is great, however for you to achieve the best result, it is very important for the call to be a focused call. This is not possible if you are not in a position to be focused on the conversation. A call in your lunch hour is possible, as long as you are free from distractions. This type of coaching is the main method used by coaches. This can be a one off stand alone session without any obligation to buy more sessions, but again results are better if we speak more then once.


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