Welcome to the parenting part of my website. As a counsellor and a life coach I have many people ask me about parenting. If you were to ask the adults you know what they believe is the most important in life, chances are good you would hear the words ‘children’ and ‘parenting’.

Ask those adults what they find most frustrating and you are likely to get the same answers. Having a child sounds so simple, but the reality can be very complicated. Loving and raising a child or two requires a great deal from parents. Being a parent means being able to sacrifice time, resources and energy to this cause. It means developing patience, rarely an easy task. It means learning to make good decisions, maintain boundaries and guide children towards a happy and healthy life.

I am a parent of two children and I have learned lots on this journey and am still learning as they grow and develop, there are new issues to deal with. Dealing with a baby, who turns into a toddler, then goes to school before becoming a teenager. All these phases of parenting require a basic template of parenting at the start which is then build upon as changes occur and children change and grow. This manual needs to be constantly updated to help you keep abreast of these changes.

The parenting guides I have built up is based on many years of my own experience, my four years training as a counsellor and life coach as well as my work with many parents who were struggling to get it ‘right’.

Parenting has changed over the last 50 years or so, the authoritarian method of punishment and making sure children do what they were told for no other reason then because dad said so, has gone by the way side and how to parent has changed dramatically. Mum and dad are equal now, there are more different family set ups then ever before.

We have blended families in all sorts of ways which 50 years ago could not be imagined. The democratic way of parenting treats children with with respect.  I am in the middle of writing an  eBooks on this topic as well as various articles and am in the process of writing an e-course to help parents navigate the often difficult roads in parenting. Please keep an eye on my site and watch this space for various helpful parenting tools. Please find an article here called A Parents Guide to Creating Quality Time.

Join me over on my parenting website which has more details on how to get regular articles, exercises and E-books on this exciting topic. Click here.

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