SKYPE/Phone coaching

This is great for people who do not live locally or cannot take the time out to have a face to face meeting with me. Results for SKYPE/telephone coaching is great, however for you to achieve the best result, it is very important for the call to be a focused call. This is not possible if you are not in a position to be focused on the conversation. A call in your lunch hour or in the evening is possible, as long as you are free from distractions. This type of coaching is the main method used by coaches. This can be a one off stand alone session without any obligation to buy more sessions, but again results are better if we speak more then once. One service is the one telephone call, the other service is based on 3 phone calls a month to discuss your goals, homework and what has been achieved so far as well as support and encouragement. If you book the 3 session a month package and you feel you need more telephone support we can add a session by using the stand alone price. Each phone call is 45 minutes. You will pay the cost of the call unless you have Skype.

One session: £40

Package based on 3 pre booked calls a month: £100

Currently, I also offer this FREE extras:

  • Informative Newsletter once a month on various topics, from self confidence to setting up your own business
  • FREE access to any Teleseminars which I put on throughout your sessions

Skype/Phone coaching


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