What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching began in California in the early 1980’s. Therapists, counsellors and other professionals found that clients wanted personal support in their life. These clients were fit and well , and they did not have any mental or physical problems. But they needed guidance. A medical or therapeutic programme would therefore be irrelevant. What people wanted was someone to help them achieve their goals. Thus personal coaching began. Many people want to change their lives but they don’t know how to achieve it.

How does coaching compare to counselling or therapy?

Coaching is much newer than therapy or counselling. Many people see counselling as essentially for people who are unwell. But many people seek counselling for relationship issues, grief, behavioural patterns associated with abuse, decision making, midlife crises or even personal development. And we would not class these people as unwell. However coaching is very clearly for people who need guidance. So, there is a clear divide between coaching and counselling.

What is the role of the coach?

  • to help clients understand themselves
  • help clients prioritise their lives
  • facilitate change by being a sounding board
  • help the client see the alternatives
  • set goals, and help clients achieve them

Coaches do not operate like an ‘agony aunt’ in the women’s press. It is not about telling you ‘ditch that worthless boyfriend/girlfriend’ or ‘it is normal to blush/have spots/feel attracted to somebody’. It is not about dispensing advice, it is to help you, the client, get things sorted in their own mind and as a coach IĀ help you, the client to initiate change! If you are still unsure if you need a Counsellor or Life Coach then click here for more information about the differences between these.

Sounds like what you want, then click here to find out more about my one to one services.

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