Welcome to Transformation52, the newest product I have just launched!

What is Transformation 52?

It is a new programme designed for you to transform yourself one week at a time in 52 weeks! Every week you will receive a new module with subjects like:

Self -confidence, motivation, procrastination, risks, happiness and goals

Relationships-parenting, marriage, communications, finding love and bereavement

Health -fitness, diet, wellness and others

Career -work, retirement, finances, own business, work with others, time management

Social – friends, activities, helping others and group dynamics

Spiritual – Mindfulness, personal growth, law of attraction, simpler life, meditation and religious.

The above is just a brief overview. There will be articles, Ebooks, audio and video as part of this programme. If you want to start changing your life, start this programme now. With this you also get access to my resource library full of EBooks, audio, articles as well as a forum area to discuss changes and any questions you may have whilst you are working through this programme. For 52 amazing modules to help you change/improve your life, why wait. Normal price £149, but I am offering it for a limited time at only £69.00! This is only £1.30 a week! You will receive all existing modules immediatly after you sign up today, with a new module arriving every single friday for 52 weeks. Included also is a FREE resource list with lots of Ebooks and articles. Download a sample of one of the modules on this link:  Transformmod3motivation and see what it is all about.


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