How can you encourage others more?

I am currently running an encouragement programme on Facebook. This is the first part here, but please click here to check out my Facebook page and follow this fascinating subject.

This week I am going to delve into encouragement. People who are unhappy, depressed, anxious, angry or even unproductive lack encouragement. They lack courage in their ability to grow and take risks in more self-fulfilling directions. This immobilization, fear of failure, or negative goal seeking is reflected in a lifestyle overwhelmed with a theme of ‘I can’t change’. Encouragement is the process of facilitating the development of a person’s inner resources and courage towards positive movement. Once a person feels encouraged they can focus on the opportunities of life as opposed to the fear of change. Encouragement is not a mystery, you just need to develop the skill. Let us go on this journey together. Watch this space for the next chapter. Please share with friends who can do with learning about encouragement.

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